Chirplabs Services


Having the right hardware and software partner is critical to the success of any prototyping program. Chirplabs offers easy access to our experienced design and engineering teams to ensure your next prototype build will be a successful one. Chirplabs can support projects ranging from a handful of units up to hundreds of units with both USA and Taiwan based assembly options.


Chirplabs offers its strategic partners a full-range of tailored design services including Hardware, Software, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Validation, Certification & Manufacturing. Our US engineering team is supported by hundreds of engineers with a wide array of specializations including thermal engineering, firmware, imaging & rugged system engineering.

Chirplabs engineering services are supported by a complete range of test facilities including temperature, humidity, durability, acoustic, shock and vibration to ensure your hardware meets and exceeds your requirements.

Our mission is to leverage our innovative design capabilities and industry-leading product quality to exceed expectations on each project partnership.

Custom Imaging & Firmware

Chirplabs can deliver hardware complete with customized Operating System & BIOS configurations. If your project requires a custom BIOS configuration or firmware, our team can utilize a provided disk image or develop custom firmware to your specifications.

Testing & Certifications

The Chirplabs engineering team assists our partners with a wide range of product testing & certification requirements. We maintain relationships with leading UL & FCC certified labs to facilitate efficient product certifications. Our team can also supervise testing at partner facilities offering services including temperature, humidity, durability, acoustic, shock and vibration testing.

Technical Support

Chirplabs provides easy to access support throughout the sales process. Our technical sales staff and field application engineers provide expert guidance to make sure you get the best product recommendations for your application. Our support continues post-sales with ongoing product support during your chosen warranty period.


Our expert sales and engineering team members are available to provide an in-depth consultation for your next project. Whether you need expert guidance on selecting the best platform to meet your requirements, or would like to discuss our CM or ODM services, we are here to help you. If a platform that meets your needs is not commercially available, we can build it or provide a customization that will meet & exceed your needs.

Custom Design

Depending on your required quantities, a custom design may be the best solution for your project. Chirplabs can provide the design and manufacturing expertise to make your custom project a winning solution. Our services include board modifications, POP, DPOP, Chassis modifications and custom component integration.

Branding & Labelling

Chirplabs provides a complete array of customization options including customized paint, finishes, adhesive graphics placement and silk-screening. We can also provide custom labelling to include a variety of data fields including serial number and product logos.

Lifecycle Management

Cutting-edge digital solutions require reliable hardware. Unfortunately many platforms available today are not suitable for mission critical applications due to a short and unpredictable product lifecycle. Chirplabs offers its strategic partners two layers of Lifecycle Management.

We start with an extensive line of products that feature clear product roadmaps and utilize only components that have a significant planned future availability.

Once you have started your hardware program, Chirplabs will track your platforms and components to ensure product availability when you need it, without compromise. Chirplabs provides regular communications regarding upgrade paths, ECO, ECN and expected EOL notices. Additionally our strategic partners can take advantage of our ability to buy and hold future inventory and build product on-demand as delivery is required.


Our team provides a full range of logistics and support services to ensure your product is delivered on time to your receiving facility or directly to your customers. Beyond standard and freight services, we off blind shipping and white label services.


Chirplabs maintains state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly facilities with stringent quality control protocols. Each product we assemble is rigorously tested to ensure both reliability and proper configuration. For maximum flexibility, we offer US based product assembly or Taiwan based assembly for additional cost savings.

CM & ODM Services

Chirplabs are experts in the design and manufacture of highly reliable industrial computers, gateways, edge devices and related components. Our experience, world class talent and state-of-the-art facilities will ensure your project stays on schedule, meets your requirements and stays within your budget parameters.

We leverage our unique partnership with Mitac, a global technology leader with over 30 years of engineering, design & manufacturing experience to provide world class CM & ODM services. Our US-based engineering team can quickly scale for large projects by utilizing hundreds of seasoned Mitac engineers with a wide-array of specializations including Electrical, Software, Mechanical, and Manufacturing. Our team is supported by a complete range of test facilities including temperature, humidity, durability, acoustic and shock & vibration to allow for an incredibly efficient development process.