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Cold Chain Data Logger
Sale priceFrom $165.00 USD
Cold Chain Data LoggerChirplabs
Environmental Monitoring
Sale price$1,631.00 USD
Environmental MonitoringChirplabs
Outdoor Asset Tracking
Sale price$143.00 USD
Outdoor Asset TrackingChirplabs
Indoor Asset Tracking
Sale priceFrom $86.00 USD
Indoor Asset TrackingChirplabs
Gas Monitoring
Sale price$179.00 USD
Gas MonitoringChirplabs
Bin Monitoring
Sale price$150.00 USD
Bin MonitoringChirplabs
CO2 Monitoring
Sale price$500.00 USD
CO2 MonitoringChirplabs
Cleaning Tracking
Sale price$444.00 USD
Cleaning TrackingChirplabs
Cryogenic Temperature
Sale price$372.00 USD
Cryogenic TemperatureChirplabs
HVAC Modbus
Sale priceFrom $65.00 USD
HVAC ModbusChirplabs
Indoor Air Quality
Sale price$422.00 USD
Indoor Air QualityChirplabs
HVAC Filter Monitoring
Sale price$379.00 USD
HVAC Filter MonitoringChirplabs
Leak Detection
Sale priceFrom $22.00 USD
Leak DetectionChirplabs
People Counting
Sale price$328.00 USD
People CountingChirplabs
Air Flow
Sale price$379.00 USD
Air FlowChirplabs
Rodent Control
Sale price$179.00 USD
Rodent ControlChirplabs
Smart Room Sensing
Sale priceFrom $547.00 USD
Smart Room SensingChirplabs
Cellular Smart Metering
Sale price$665.00 USD
Smart MeteringChirplabs
AC Switch Automation
Sale price$545.00 USD
AC Switch AutomationChirplabs
Cold Room Monitoring
Sale price$580.00 USD
Cold Room MonitoringChirplabs

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